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Rowing in the winter

Ice driven innovations..

This is THE problem... No way to row there...

Yes, we did add in-door rowing into our Rowing Performance system's capabilities, and the product with it's sensor etc is in the shop, but we wanted to go ahead and work on actual on-the-water-rowing as well. Being Finns, ice is not a show stopper, sometimes it's a catalyst for innovation - just like what happened now.
The weather turned sunny and look what our CTO brought onto his terrace... A Magic Rowing Machine, which emulates rowing a boat even in -5C weather !

With this setup (with our Magic Oarlocks and Magic Motionator) we can fool our Rowing Performance system to act like it was on a boat, on the water, with two oars and sliding seat.

Best Regards,


Quiske CTO

PS. To be completely honest... Actual test runs are done in the comfort of my basement, not outside.

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