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New version of the RowP App

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Time flies and the warm sunny weather in Finland has been replaced with what looks like autumn rains. This gives a moment to write up on some of our latest developments, read below on our road trip to the Euro Masters Regatta in Munich and the new version of our App that we launched there. We're also looking for feedback on a new feature we're developing, please answer our questionnaire on indoor rowing at the end. Thanks!

Euro Masters Regatta, Munich

Quiske team drove 2200km from Helsinki to Munich to participate at the Euro Masters Regatta and to demonstrate the new version of our App. The drive was pleasant and gave us a chance to catch up with rowing friends along the way, in Sweden and in Denmark.

broken image

Got our tent set up and took a picture but failed to take photos while we were demoing, but there's a video below. We spent 3 busy days at the Regatta and enjoyed making new friends.

What's new with the RowP App?

We've brought a new easier to grasp visualization of the indoor rowing data. Instead of offering just graphs showing the speeds of the handle and the seat we've created a simple picture to visualize the five most important rhythm and style metrics.

Instant feedback  on  rowing technique: the most important rhythm and style metrics

After the workout the App provides a summary and an overall technique index that you can share with peers:

Rowing technique summary

The summary comes in two different formats that you can choose from.

Rowing technique index

Lot's of rowers in Munich tried the new App out both on the Concept2 as well as on the RP3 and we got some very good feedback, thank you if you were one of them ;-)

On the way back to Finland we made a stopover in Warsaw and met with the their Rowing Association at their very cool club. Their coach Filip tried out the RowP Virtual Coach too:

Download the new version and try it if you didn't already. While you do need the separate Pod to get all metrics you do get the Rhythm metric for free (that's the only one you can measure exclusively from the handle).

Improvements to the Web Portal

We've also made some updates to the data visualization in the portal, making it easier to understand timing of the oars and seat with respect to the acceleration of the boat.

Vertical lines show the timing of the catch and finish compared with the boat acceleration

What's next?

We're making some tweaks to the App based on feedback we got in Munich and will also bring these improvements to the soon to be launched iOS version. We expect iOS to be ready in October/November but in fact we have earlier beta builds available for those of you who would like to help us with the testing (get in touch with us if you want to do a bit of beta testing...).

We're also working on a new feature specifically for indoor rowing, and more specifically to help gym rowers who want to lose weight in achieving their targets.

Can Indoor Rowing help with Weight Loss?

We think so. But to succeed persistent regular long duration rowing is required, and for that to be achievable it needs to feel good. That's where we think we can help, by providing easy to understand instant coaching on rhythm and style. Are you interested in providing feedback on this? Please hit the below button the answer our questionnaire:

Of course we also welcome feedback as comments below or by email.

Thanks for your help,

Kristina and Pentti

PS. the boats we brought back to Finland made it back safely on the roof of the Hiace.

Single sculls going back to Finland

PPS. The lovely new pink Nelo 1x has a perfect space for the phone with the RowP App on the footstretcher:

Pink Nelo 1x