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Fresh App in Store!

Would you like to know how you row?

Proud to share that we've grown out of Beta and published a decent new version of our Rowing Performance App really worth trying out.

This new version 1.05 of our App includes a large number of fixes but most importantly it can help you measure and analyze your technique on and off water. The App and the web portal analytics support many types of boats and now indoor rowing too.

The App is free for our first users and it supports an external sensor which needs to be bought separately in our store but even without the sensor there is lots of useful feedback for the rower in the form of stroke rate, speed, distance, pace, time as well as the acceleration graph which the App draws for each previous stroke. When paired with a sensor on the oar (very easy to install) the App also shows the total oar angle from catch to finish for each stroke but it can also draw the full flight path that the oar makes during drive and recovery. Additionally the app measures the angular velocity of the oar which gives an indication on how you are applying force during the drive phase.

The same sensor which is used for the oar can alternatively be placed on or under the seat and then the App gives feedback on the quality of the push as well as on the rhythm during recovery:

The App also supports indoor rowing, and we've even built a Virtual Coach which helps you row the right way. The App and sensor measure the speed of the seat and the handle and their timing with respect to each other. If you don't meet the metrics set by the Virtual Coach the corresponding tiles turn red, so that you can focus on getting the metrics corrected during the next stroke, helping you always make the next stroke better. Not only is there real time feedback but the sessions can be uploaded for closer analysis in the web portal after the session.

We're excited about what our App can do and hope you find it useful too. Download our App onto your (waterproof) Android phone if you haven't already and give it a try, we'd love to hear your feedback!