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Hot off the press!

The RowP Guide is out

The first RowP Guide to measuring Rowing Technique has just been published:

The 40 page book explains how the RowP system can be used to measure and analyze rowing technique. It is for any rowers who are interested in measuring, analyzing, and improving rowing technique. Subscribe to this blog below to stay up to date on new releases of the Guide.

Note: The book also includes the Quiske Roadmap - we want to make our product as useful as possible and that's why we will next implement those items which our customers find most important. We will listen to you when we prioritize the topics on our roadmap. So get in touch!

Hope you find the guide useful, and feel free to share it :-)

Contact us with any feedback not only on our Roadmap but on anything to do with measuring rowing technique. All comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome:

Happy rowing,