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Indoor Rowing DEMO at the Endurance Fanatics Weekend 21st of Jan, Helsinki

Make FRIENDS with the ERGO!

· indoor rowing

Quiske is demonstrating their brand new Indoor Rowing measurement system on Saturday in Helsinki. We are measuring rowing technique by placing a sensor on the seat and a phone on the handle of the Concept2 and calculate meaningful metrics so that you can improve already from the next stroke.

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We believe that you can become better friends with the Ergo by using our system, and that is because we can help you find the right rhythm. Rowing with the right rhythm can make indoor rowing feel more enjoyable. Indoor rowing consists of acceleration, deceleration and pauses that need to happen at exactly the right time, just like in dancing.

Our Rowing Performance App shows the speed graphs of the seat and the handle overlaid and in addition to that, eight metrics as numbers that can be seen also in real time:

  1. Stroke length (m)
  2. SPM
  3. The rhythm showing the duration of the drive (%)
  4. The maximum handle speed during the drive (m/s)
  5. The rhythm of the seat (%)
  6. The maximum seat speed during the drive (m/s) 
  7. The timing of seat vs handle (%)
  8. The time that the seat remains stationary during one stroke (%) 

The graphs and metrics help you fine tune your rowing technique so that you can get rid of rushing on recovery, bum-shooting, and other typical beginners' mistakes, and always make the next stroke better than the previous one. Additionally our system is ideal for people in a crew, who want to synchronize their rowing technique in order to row their boat on water in the most efficient manner.

We will have a competition, the 1st ever Quiske challenge, to reach given indoor rowing metric targets so please do come and try our demo!

The target metrics we have chosen for our competition tomorrow are:

At minimum 20 SPM, <32% rhythm, <23% seat rhythm, and >40% seat stationary. All who reach these metrics during 8 continuous strokes will get a prize.

Also we will draw one winner from everyone who tries. You can easily spot our demo team from our shirts, below:

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For those of you who are unable to visit our demo spot at the Endurance Fanatics Event in Helsinki tomorrow we also uploaded our demo to YouTube, see it here below: