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Preparing for the last wooden boat races this summer

1km and 10km races take place on 27th and 28th of August

The Quiske team is preparing for the final Finnish Championship wooden boat races that take place next weekend in Tuusula, close to Helsinki: Tuusulanjärven SM

We are not only measuring the range of motion of our oars with our own prototypes but also got help from Steve Peltonen who filmed our rowing with a Phantom4 drone.

Lovely to row to the sound of the tidy splash of water and the buzzing of a drone :-)

We practiced rowing at a slow 19 strokerate but also trialed the 1km race course.

We look forward to the weekend races!

Update: The Quiske crew won Finnish Championship Silver on the 1km route and Finnish Championship Gold on the 10km route!

Finnish Championship Gold from rowing the 10km race
Halfway into the 10km race