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The Rowing Performance App is LIVE!

Download and try!

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Our startup reached our biggest milestone in our 1st year of tech development when we yesterday published our Rowing Performance App in Android Play Store!

Download it below and try it out! The App is still in Beta but most of the features we've been working on are there.

The Quiske Rowing Performance App is available on Android

The Rowing Performance App is free of charge and it gives visual real time feedback on how the acceleration and speed of the boat vary during rowing strokes, stroke by stroke. This of course is valuable on it's own but most interestingly we've built support for an external sensor, so that you can measure not only boat specific performance but also assess the technique of individual rowers in the boat. The sensor which is easily attached to either oar, or the seat, can be purchased separately and is available in our store (we've built just a small inventory so hurry up before our first batch runs out...).

The Rowing Performance Sensor sales box

Yes, we know that the waters are frozen in many parts of the rowing world. That is the case also in Finland...and it has been like that for a while already...that's why we did the acceptance testing of our App in Denmark and in Italy earlier this year, but even there we met with thick layers of snow on the pier....but it certainly did not prevent us from rowing.

Acceptance testing or the Rowing Performance App in snowy Italy in January 2017

The Rowing Performance App shows the total stroke angle for each stroke in real time, the angular velocity during drive and recovery, and perhaps most interestingly the full flight path of the oar in and out of water, which can reveal for example the quality of the catch and finish. Also, if you place the sensor on the boat seat you can see how quick your legs are driving, and whether you are rushing on recovery. The real time graphs and metrics that our App provides are described on our What How Why page.

We believe anyone can learn to row and that real time feedback can make the learning process faster. That's why we created the real time graphs in the Rowing Performance App. However, we also created a web-portal so you can upload and analyze all your recorded sessions whenever you feel like it. You can log in to the web portal with you Rowing Performance App credentials, to do detailed analysis and comparisons, and what's more our Analytics is free..

PS. Indoor Rowing is supported too!

We haven't been sitting idly waiting for the ice to melt in Finland but we've developed an Indoor Rowing feature for our App and the Beta version in Play Store already contains it! The Rowing Performance App paired with our sensor can measure and provide real time feedback on indoor rowing rhythm. You simply attach the phone to the Concept2 handle and the sensor to the seat (the same sensor can be used for on water as well as for indoor rowing measurements):

The phone display on the handle shows the real time handle and seat velocities overlaid, so that you with a quick glance can see if your legs are working quickly and efficiently and make sure that you're not bum-shooting or rushing on recovery....

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Our web portal doesn't yet provide analytics on Indoor Rowing but we're working on that and will have an update available to the App later. With the current Beta App you get the real time feedback, and we've demonstrated what this looks like at Indoor Rowing competitions in England, Denmark and in Finland already. We've been happy to see that there is not only a lot of interest but also lots of useful feedback from active rowers! Feedback is exactly what we're looking for and we're now developing the Indoor Rowing feature further based on what rowers, i.e. our customers, want.

Oh by the way! Four more days to sign up for the CF Regatta, the 1st ever Indoor Rowing Team Race on Slides in Finland on March 4th which we are arranging together with the KeU rowing club and CrossFit Tuusula. Sign up on our Events page! Our team will also be available to demonstrate our Rowing Performance System in action.

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