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Tokyo 2020

We're on our way!

· rowing performance

It's been another eventful week in our startup with Pentti and myself grabbing 4 Finnish Championship medals at the 500m and 10km Indoor Rowing Championships last weekend in Imatra. We also started collaborating with Joel Naukkarinen, one of the best rowers in Finland, who also happened to break (again, did it last year too!) the Finnish record on 500m with a strong 1:14.2, see it here:

Joel is rowing together with Antti Kilpeläinen in the Finnish Pair, and their goal is nothing less than Olympic Gold in Tokyo 2020. Our startup agree with their vision and we want to be part of that mission! In fact our goal is to help any rower who wants to improve their performance, be it at Joel's and Antti's level or anyone with passion for rowing who wants help with finding the perfect stroke.

We met Joel after he broke the 500m Finnish record and officially wished him all the best on his road towards Tokyo and handed over our Rowing Performance system and a Concept2 + slides to help him with the training. Really exciting to work together with Joel and especially we're looking forward to his critical feedback and improvement suggestions.

Kristina Björknäs from the Quiske is happy to collaborate with the Finnish Pair and Joel Naukkarinen

We also made it out on water since the fast flowing Kymijoki river is free from ice eventhough the temperatures here still are subzero most of the time. We measured both oars and the seat with our sensors and the Rowing Performance App. This time we decided to use two phones to allow for simultaneous measurement of two sensors at a time. We also tried out the new Samsung A3 which seemed like a good phone for our rowing measurements since it is waterproof.

Real time feedback on rowing technique. Two phones, one for each sensor.

After rowing we sat down and did brainstorming of features that could still be added to our system. We do continuous SW updates to our App so feedback from rowers is very welcome.

Happy rowing,