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WRMR 2017 next week

Download the RowP App and come try our oar/seat Pods in Bled!

Preparing for Bled

We have started to pack our bags for the World Rowing Masters Regatta which takes place in Bled, Slovenia next week. Feels like we've been preparing for this event since last year...

We launched our RowP rowing performance measurement system at the WRMR2016 in Copenhagen and started very limited sales of our product, which was then very buggy and in a very early beta phase.

Quiske launched the Rowing Performance system at WRMR 2016 in Copenhagen

The RowP system has come a long way since Copenhagen and we rolled out a public release of the App earlier this Summer. If you haven't tried our Free RowP App yet then you can download it here (Android 5+) :

The RowP App gives SPM, speed, splits, distance, chrono, and the acceleration graph for each stroke for free. However, what is completely unique about our App is that you can buy a separate pod for your oars or your seat to get information on how your oar or seat is moving, every single stroke.


We haven't yet made a proper tutorial on the first time use of our App (btw. there's a special award if you beat me to it!) but the most important thing is to attach the phone rigidly to the boat and to install the oar/seat pod the right way. Here is a video showing how the pod should be attached to the oar or the seat as well as some of the real time graphs you get while rowing.

When the pod is on the oar it should be on the same side as the back of the blade and the handle should be pointing towards the rower. To measure the seat motion the pod can be placed inside the ProW seat pad by Citius Remex or underneath the seat with a piece of double sided tape, but in both cases it is important that the pod handle faces forwards, towards your feet. There are many different graphs available for real time feedback and you can swipe between different views by swiping left and right on your display.

Download the RowP App on your phone and we can lend you a Pod to measure your oars and seat in Bled

We are looking forward to meeting lots of rowers and having good discussions about measuring rowing technique and on rowing coaching. We will also have limited spare RowP pods available that you can try out on water in your own boat in Bled. Here's what to do if you want to measure your rowing with the RowP system:

  • Download our Free RowP App on your (preferably waterproof) Android phone
  • Create an account (via FB login or manually)
  • Find us in Bled and borrow a pod
  • Install the pod (takes less than a minute) on your oar or seat 
  • Go rowing and enjoy real time feedback on your oar/seat motion
  • Get us to analyze your results (if you want)

We'll be lending our pods out during the whole event but there's only a limited number of them so better come find us early in the week.


RowP App provides not only immediate feedback while on water but sessions can also be recorded and uploaded to our cloud afterwards. Our portal allows for detailed analysis and comparisons of rowers with each other. You do need a separate subscription to use our analytics cloud but buying a RowP pod gives Rower level access for one year. When you borrow a pod from us in Bled we give two weeks of free access to our analytics portal so you have time to analyze your results also after getting home. Here's a tutorial I did on what you can do with your data in the web portal:

Our portal comes with two different types of subscriptions. A Rower level subscription allows uploading, storing, analyzing and comparing your own data. A Coach level subscription also allows comparing the different rowers in your crew with each other. Here's a rather long explanation on how a coach can compare rowers (special award available for anyone who beats me to making a better coach subscription tutorial...):

We will be in Bled the full week so please do come and find us to talk about rowing technique and to try our pods. We will have a joint tent together with Citius Remex, the Danish company who say rowing shouldn't be a pain in the ass. We will have a joint combo deal on their ProW pads and our RowP pods :-)

Rowing shouldn't be a pain in the ass! -Citius Remex

We're not only selling RowP pods this year but we're also showing what's next on our roadmap: augmented reality for rowers. That's another reason to come find us, to talk about how AR can help rowers keep their heads up, even if they are interested in getting real time feedback on rate, speed, oar or seat data.

Here's a teaser on our demo:

See you next week in Bled or follow our blog or FB if you're not there. Finally here's a video of the Quiske crew training for the mixed double race at WRMR2016. The video shows our fourth or fifth ever outing as my rowing partner had only learnt to row Olympic boats the week before. I think it is quite awesome how you can start rowing also as an adult and even start competing. We'll be racing the mixed double again this year. See you!

Ps. we post more frequently on FB than in our Blog, please stay in touch with us there too: