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ErgoMarathon resolution!

Marathon or 100km. Dynamic too. Happy New Year 2018!

· RP3,indoor rowing

Ergs don't float ...

Amongst rowers there's a saying that ergs don't float. However, we went rowing the RP3 on water as you can see in the video we shot in central Finland last week:

Ok, so the water is frozen in Finland. However, with the right mindset and with the dynamic indoor rowing machine you can almost feel like your rowing a boat on water, although summer in Finland is still half a year away.

Thank you to our customers

Quiske had a fun and eventful 2017. We want to thank our first bold new customers from around the world for the confidence in us and for all the good feedback we've received so far. We're continually updating our RowP App and 2018 will bring lots of radically helpful improvements we hope!

We launched the first public version of our RowP App in the summer and improved on it with an update in November 2017, which improved the webportal and included support for dynamic indoor rowing. At the same time we started reselling the RP3 in Finland.

New Years Resolution: Join the ErgoMarathon in April!

The World's Biggest Ergomarathon will take place again in Finland in April and this time it will be bigger than ever.

The ErgoMarathon is organized by Keravan Urheilijat, the Finnish sports association that turns 100 years this year. To celebrate the birthday the ErgoMarathon targets to attract 100 rowers and also encourages those who have it in them to pull a full 100km on the erg.

The dynamic category will be introduced to the ErgoMarathon for the first time, there will be a limited number of Concept2 on slides as well as RP3s. Register early to secure a seat on the dynamic erg.

April in Finland often means the weather is cool (and the air is fresh to breathe) and there's still ice on the sea. See below for a video of the Quiske team trying to row to the ErgoMarathon site last year.

Next time the ErgoMarathon will take place in a large, robust, and airy tent next to Lake Tuusula, the culturally most famous lake in Finland and the home of the Keravan Urheilijat rowers. The organizers promise an extreme experience surrounded by likeminded people.

The key facts of the World's best and biggest ever Ergomarathon:

  • Date: 21-22. April 2018
  • Place: Gustavelund, Tuusula, Finland (about 20km from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport)
  • Distances:
    • 100km, Open
    • 42.184m, Men
    • 21.097m, Women
    • 60minutes, Junior (below 16y boys and girls)
  • Rowing machines
    • Concept2
    • Concept2 on slides
    • RP3

Hope you'll make a New Year's resolution to compete at the ErgoMarathon 2018. We look forward to seeing you there and wish you the best of luck with the training. We will publish a training program for the 42km as well as for the 100km to help with the preparations for this extreme Marathon.

The registration will open at during January 2018 and that's where you'll also find more detailed information. Until then just put the placeholder in your calendar ;-)

We wish you a Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2018,

Quiske Team