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Making sense of the data

Want to help ?

As a reader of this blog you most likely know that Quiske uses sensors and algorithms to measure rowing motion and creates graphs and numbers as an output:


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The numerical metrics are highlighted with green if they're in range, or in yellow if improvement is needed. The target values are also displayed so that you know on which side you're erring.

Unless you happen to be one of those rowers who loves data-analytics, the graphs and numbers are not hugely helpful in giving insight into proper technique. That's why Quiske also visualizes 5 key areas of technique with colored indicators, showing while your row whether and where the technique is correct or not:

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After you've finished your rowing Quiske provides a summary screen showing your total techique score and grading your performance in each of five focus areas from 1-10:


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The scores and colors do not, however, directly tell you what to do in order to improve. And that's what we're working on now: We want to translate the scores into verbal actionable advice, so that the rower knows exctly what to work on in order to improve their technique.

We want Quiske to help all rowers improve their technique, also novices who might not yet know what proper technique looks like.

Would you like to assist in verbalizing the action needed based on the measured Quiske data? If so, we'd love your advice!

What advice would you use to help fix any of the below common errors?:

  • Rushing on recovery
  • Slow leg push
  • Back opening too early
  • Lack of swing (the using of the body at the end of the stroke and at the beginning of the recovery)

All types of verbal advice is welcome, also in different languages. Please send your advice to us by email or by commenting below.

We will publish best advice alongside the relevant Quiske metrics to help more people benefit from virtual Quiske coaching. The best (most useful and most original) advice will be awarded with a coupon to the Quiske shop. Also please let us know if you'd like your credentials to be published alongside the advice.

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

Quiske team



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