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Rowsandall and Quiske

Online analysis of rowing data measured with Quiske!

This summer Quiske brought out a new version of the Quiske Rowing app, which crunches more rowing data into a summary analysis on the phone itself (see what's new in our previous post). At the same time we discontinued our cloud portal, where many of our customers had done detailed analysis of their rowing data. The new App also allowed exporting of rowing data so that users can manually analyze their data any way they want.

However, we got feedback from our customers that they missed the cloud portal, and that most customers are not happy to do the manual analysis...

Now we're happy to share we've a solution for those of you, who do not like to do all the data crunching by yourselves: Rowsandall allows for analysis of Quiske data!

Exporting of Quiske session data to the Rowsandall rowing analytics service has been available since 2017 but since we at Quiske decided to retire our own cloudservice the role of Rowsandall has become more important. Indeed, Rowsandall built a solid replacement of the Quiske portal so that you can fully analyze the data you've measured with Quiske in full "in-stroke" detail.

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Here's how it works:
Export your Quiske files to Rowssandall and they will automagically appear on your account. Look at your “in-stroke metrics” recorded with Quiske and analyze the curves by narrowing down the time and/or stroke rate. For more details how to do this, check the Rowsandall blog.

Sander at Rowsandall: As a long-time Quiske user, I regretted not having a place to store my analyses, and as the developer of, I saw an opportunity to build a replacement. So the idea came about. So we have started implementing the idea and are now releasing the first version.

We're really happy to deepen our collaboration with Rowsandall and hope you enjoy their data analytics too. It's worth trying also because it supports integrating data also from other sources, such as, e.g., Strava and Polar.

PS: Please note that the Quiske Virtual Rowing Coach for Indoor Rowing is still available only for those on the erg, and Indoor Rowing data cannot at the moment be exported to Rowsandall.

Please continue sharing feedback and improvement ideas with us!

Quiske Team