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What is Quiske?

Before saying what it is, let's start with saying what it is not.

Not Power

Quiske does not measure power. There are many different ways to measure power on water and indoors but Quiske is not one of them.

You can e.g. use the Concept PM5 monitor to monitor the magnitude and shape of your power output. Quiske, on the other hand focuses on Technique.


Quiske measures rowing technique. Both during the drive and recovery phases of the stroke. We are not aware of any other system capable of measuring technique during the full cycle of the stroke.

So here's the answer to what Quiske is:

Quiske is a system for measuring, analyzing and providing realtime feedback on rowing technique.

How does it work?

The Quiske system consists of three parts:

  1. The "Quiske Rowing" app (both iOS and Android)
  2. The Quiske pod=a separate sensor
  3. The Quiske cloud
Together these allow for measuring of rowing technique both on water as well as indoors, realtime feedback on technique and detailed analysis and comparisons of recorded sessions afterwards online.

Measuring technique indoors

This 3minute video shows how to install Quiske on the erg, the instant feedback available and the summary of results after the session is finished.

You can also use Quiske on other types of ergs: e.g. on Concept 2 on slides or on the RP3.

Check this blog to learn more about the instant feedback and the scores given by the Quiske Virtual Coach. The "Quiske Guide to Indoor Rowing" is also worth checking out, and as our blog reader you can download it for free with the code "VIRTUALCOACH".

Measuring technique on water

To use Quiske in the boat it is important to attach the phone rigidly somewhere close to the footstretcher where you can see the instant feedback. The pod goes on the seat or on either oar, but make sure the alignment of the pod is correct. See this video for an example of realtime feedback on boat acceleration, seat and oarwork.


Hope this helped explain what Quiske is and is not. If you're left with questions please get in touch with us at!

Happy rowing,

The Quiske team