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What's your rhythm?

The Quiske Rhythm challenge runs through October

Your rhythm is the most important building block of good rowing technique. Have you ever measured it?

Rhythm is the ratio of the time of your drive over the time of your entire stroke. Your rhythm reveals how relaxed your rowing is and the ideal rhythm depends on your strokerate.

How do you measure rhythm?

You only need a phone and a method to attach it rigidly to the handle of your erg. You can use any high quality phone holder, or even two hairbands as long as you make sure the phone doesn't wobble.

Download the Quiske Rowing App. Make sure to choose the correct type of rowing machine (Static C2, Slides or dynamic, and RP3 are supported) and off you go, the App gives realtime feedback on your rhythm, and the Virtual Coach let's you know if there is room for improvement.

Join the Quiske Rhythm Challenge

During the summer we ran many Virtual Rowing challenges on water, but to celebrate the indoor rowing season starting (in Finland the winter weather should be approaching soon) we're launching a new type of Virtual Indoor Rowing Technique challenges. The first one focuses on rhythm only, and hopefully gives some inspiration to find good form, to find flow and enjoy the erg more and longer :-).

The Quiske Rhythm Challenge runs until end of October. You can join the challenge on any type of erg, just make sure to choose the right type in the Settings. Also, to join the challenge, set the recording interval to 2 minutes, and the Coach level to Challenging. Row consistently at 18SPM (i.e. a total of 34-38 strokes).

Take a screenshot of your result (to prove you managed a consistent18SPM) and send it to us by email ( for a chance to win a Remote Coaching Session with a Quiske coach. All participants will also get the new Quiske Guide to Indoor Rowing for free.

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Here's also a video showing how to measure your rhythm and how to participate in the challenge.

TIP: If you’re having trouble getting a good result try making your drive faster try taking the damper lever all the way to the bottom, this can make a big difference in making your drive more explpsive and your recovery more relaxed!

PS. With the Quiske Rowing App you can of course measure much more than just the rhythm but for that you need to connect to a separate pod. The pod gives detailed information on leg push, timing and style. See this video for more info.

We hope you join the Rhythm challenge and enjoy the Virtual Coaching too!


Quiske team