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Quiske rowing school and Koirasaari race

24th of September from 10am in Helsinki

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The rowing season in Finland is coming to an end since autumn and cold windy weather is looming. There is still a great opportunity to row however, tomorrow in Helsinki:

The traditional 1.3km Koirasaari rowing race is taking place in single wooden boats tomorrow 24th of September at the HKK paddling club starting at10am!

We created a strava segment of the rowing race route

The rowing race route can be found as a segment in Strava . Download the app on your phone beforehand (or use a Suunto watch and pair it with Strava) if you want to see how you're doing against others on the Strava scoreboard.There will however also be traditional time taking we've heard...

The race is also your chance to try out our Rowing Performance measurement system since we will have a Quiske boat available to try out. You can have our sensors on your left and right oars and get real time feedback on your stroke angles. Also we will provide detailed analytics on your rowing afterwards, including the angular velocity profile of your oars as well as the full oar flight path. We're especially keen to hear any feedback on what you think of our measurement system!

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For the first time there will also be a Quiske rowing school for kids. The training takes place in a wooden double boat where kids can participate in rowing the 1.3km rowing race together with an adult. All kids taking part in the rowing school will be given a Quiske hat or a cap:

Quiske rowing school teachers Kristina Björknäs and Pentti Soini