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Quiske was at WRMR 2016

· start-up,Competition

Quiske was demoing and started the first pilot sales at #WRMR2016 in Copenhagen on the 8th-11th of September.

Going from first starting our company in the beginning of this year to having the sales box ready for Copenhagen was hard work but we met the milestone just!

Rowingpeformance sales box!

Our Rowing Performance Application is available in closed Alpha phase for Android in Play store but only to our pilot customers. We are working really hard now to improve the SW and correct all bugs that our field testing team is finding. We are listening to all feedback that our customers have!

The Quiske rowing team

In addition to demoing our product we also raced in a mixed double on Sunday. We put together a novice crew and managed a handful of training sessions but we benefitted from measuring and analyzing our rowing with our own system

The full  Quiske team at  WRMR

The Quiske team says thank you and we hope to meet again next year! (Or before that at other events)