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Rowing comfortably into 2022

Good technique comes easier when there is no pain

It is easier to row with good technique if you are sitting comfortably.

How to sit comfortably on the erg?

Most ergs come with standard seats, but they are not suitable for everyone. Some rowers suffer from numbness or sores when rowing long sessions. Luckily there is a solution to this problem. You can get e.g. the popular ProW pad from Citius Remex. The ProW pad redistributes the pressure to a larger area and helps row for a longer time without irritation.

We at Quiske appreciate the ProW pad very much, not only because of its ergonomic design, but also because the Quiske Pod happens to fit perfectly inside the ProW pad cavity. Convenient :-).

A further benefit is that the ProW Pad is personal and easy to carry with you wherever you erg, or row. The ProW pad also, of course, works in your boat on water, where you can also measure your leg work using the Quiske Rowing App.

Check below a video showing how the Quiske Pod goes with the ProW Pad:


 Wishing you lots of enjoyable quality rowing in 2022!

Quiske team

The Quiske Pod works great with the ProW Pad by Citius Remex