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App Update and Summer Racing!

This blog contains the invitation to our traditional Virtual Rowing Challenges and explains the improvements of the recent Quiske Rowing App update.

A new version of the Quiske Rowing App

We've made Quiske Rowing App (iOS/ Android) simpler and more useful.

What's new?

When rowing on water you can now record specific Time and Distance Workouts. Summaries are available after each recorded workout, with details on metrics and technique.  Connecting to the pod has also been made easier. 

Here’s how to use the updated Quiske Rowing App:

  • Pod pairing: Tap the image of the Pod on the main screen to connect (of course you can use the App without a pod too though!).
  • Long press the boat or erg to change the type of rower.
  • Tap the boat or erg to move to the rowing view.
  • Choose the workout you want to do by long pressing “Workout” and hit it again to start recording your session. Or you can just start rowing without recording anything.
Quiske Rowing App

While rowing you can choose numerical metrics of your choice (e.g., distance, chrono, SPM, stroke angle…) or get graphical data of your previous stroke in the form of e.g., boat acceleration or blade flight data.

A summary is created in the Sessions folder (from the main screen) after each recorded session. The summary contains two views:

  • Route and key metrics (SPM, speed, distance, and time)
  • Technique: Boat acceleration and SPM, split, distance/time and oar angle or leg speed (depending on pod placement).
Quiske Rowing instant feeback and summaries after recorded rowing sessions

The new summary views incorporate some of the analysis, which was previously only accessible in the cloud. Indeed we are discontinuing the cloud by the end of July 2022. It’s simpler and faster to have everything locally on the phone and additionally there is no longer the need to sign in to the App, making all your data completely private. Of course, you can send session data to your email for more detailed manual analysis.

As before Quiske Rowing App is completely free. But if you want to measure your oar angles or your leg speed you need the separate Quiske Pod, which goes on the oar or the seat.

Note that of course the same Pod can be used not only on water (oar and seat) but also indoors, to measure your technique on the erg.

We have also updated our Guide to Measuring Rowing Technique. It is available for download and is complimentary to all pod-owners (send us an email to receive your free copy).

Quiske Virtual Summer Challenges!

The traditional Quiske Virtual Summer Challenges are up and running until the end of August.

How to join?

Download the App, attach the phone rigidly somewhere where you can benefit from the instant feedback. Choose the correct workout (500m, 6min, 30min, or 10km). The 6min, 30min and 10km challenges should be rowed as circular or u-shaped routes, or any shape, which returns roughly to the starting point. The 500m challenge can be any route, and in any condition (e.g., head or tail-wind). The fastest average speed wins in all challenges.

Record your rowing by hitting the workout button. Afterwards find your workout in the list of sessions from the folder icon on the main screen and share a screenshot of your result (including the route!) and also let us know the type of boat you rowed (email to ). See example screenshots of 500m and 6min below:

Quiske Virtual Rowing Challenges

We have diplomas for the winners of all categories and you can join as many times as you want, so you can keep improving your result. You can check how you are doing against competition as we keep a list of all accepted entries here.

We hope you join any or all of the Summer Challenges and compete with us virtually!

Wishing everyone good rowing this summer,

Team Quiske

Quiske team