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New Resolutions

rowing into 2019

Do you remember your New Year’s resolution last year?

Ours was to prepare well for and then complete the Finnish ErgoMarathon for first time on the RP3. The goal was completed together with other rowers (most rowing on the traditional C2 but also many on slides) from near and far away, a brave Swede and French man pulling full 100km. The day of the Ergomarathon also saw the ice disappear from lake Tuusula, the lake visible from the competition tent, a fitting start of the outdoor rowing season.

Completing the ErgoMarathon is a good resolution since it provides a concrete goal to train for. If you'd like to race this ultradistance surrounded by likeminded rowers and get cheered to the finish you should save 27.4 in your calendar and sign up with Keravan Urheilijat at Hope to see you there (here's some advice on how to prepare).

Good quality training in 2019

Whatever your goal for rowing is, good-quality training can help you get there faster. So when you’re making resolutions this year, maybe paying more attention to your rowing technique could be one of them. Or even better, helping others improve their rowing technique, to help your friends gain the benefits of regular good quality rowing.

Are you using the Quiske Rowing App yet? Have you noticed the new Virtual Coach giving you a helping hand to find good rhythm on the erg? The Coach spurs you on with thumbs up or even a heart whenever you row particularly well during a number of consecutive strokes.

We’ve been developing our technique measurement and coaching product for a full 3 years now. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. We appreciate the good company and want to continue onwards together.

Would you like to contribute to a book?

Our resolution for 2019 is not only to complete the ergomarathon but also to continue working on our Rowing App, to make it as simple to use and as useful as possible. Thank you for all good feedback and suggestions so far. And while we’re at it we've also decided to write a long overdue book on indoor rowing. Ping us if you’d like to contribute or if have wishes regarding the content.

We'll be chilling out in sub-zero temperatures until spring arrives...which means we've got ergs that float in Finland ;-)

See you on the erg or on water next year too.

Happy Rowing into and in the New Year 2019,

Kristina and Pentti