• How to dance with the Ergo

    In 5 easy steps

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    The Quiske App measures and gives instant feedback on your rowing technique. The App is free but you need a separate pod to get all 5 metrics.

    How? You need a phone and a holder to attach it rigidly to the erg handle. The pod goes on the seat (C2) or flywheel (RP3 or C2 on slides).

  • Work on these one by one


    Drive rhythm

    The time of the drive vs the full stroke as a percentage.

    The ideal value depends on the rate but smaller is better


    Seat/Legs rhythm

    The percentage of time during which the seat is moving/legs are pushing

    The ideal value depends on the rate but smaller is better


    Legs speed

    The maximum leg push in m/s during the drive

    Try to make it over 1m/s


    Seat stopped

    How long you keep the seat stopped as a percentage over the time of the full stroke



    This measures how segmented your rowing is, i.e. how clearly legs, the back, and the hands are segmented. You should first engage legs only, and should not open your back until the later stage of the drive. If you open your back too early you’re not rowing as efficiently as possible, and also you unnecessarily shorten the length of your stroke

  • Quiske Technique Score for sharing

    This Score runs between 20-100%. It is calculated as an average of your performance over all your strokes. The Virtual Coach pays attention to every single one of your strokes ;-)

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    What does good technique look like then?

    Check the below videos for what kind of technique the Quiske Virtual Coach promotes on the static C2 and C2 on slides. Note that if you disagree with the this quite frontloaded and segmented style you can swipe left and instead follow the graph view.

    Segmented rowing on the Concept2 with the Virtual Coach overlaid

    Segmented rowing on the Concept 2 on slides

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    Download the Quiske App

    The Virtual Coach helps enjoy the erg more :-)

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    RowP by Quiske