• Measure your technique on the RP3

    The Quiske Virtual Coach gives instant feedback on rhythm, speed, and style

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    The Quiske App measures and gives instant feedback on your rowing technique. The App is free but you need to get a separate pod to get all 5 metrics:

    1. Drive rhythm
    2. Legs rhythm
    3. Legs speed
    4. Seat stopped
    5. Style

    How does it work?

    You need a phone, a phone holder, and a pod. Attach the phone and holder rigidly to the erg handle and the pod to the RP3 frame with the pointy end pointing towards yourself.

  • Work on these one by one



    The drive rhythm is the % of time of the drive vs the full stroke. The ideal value depends on the rate but smaller is better


    Legs rhythm

    The % of time (vs full stroke time) during which your legs are pushing. The ideal value depends on the rate but smaller is better


    Legs speed

    Your maximum leg push in m/s during the drive. Try to make this >1m/s


    Seat stopped

    How long you keep the seat stationary at backstop as a % over the full stroke. The Virtual Coach is promoting a segmented rowing style: don't lean back while your legs are still pushing and keep moving the handle while the seat has stopped.



    This measures how frontloaded your drive is. Make your leg speed bigger than your handle speed.

  • Quiske Technique Score

    In addition to the Virtual Coach view the Quiske App also gives access to the measured data. Swipe left to see the detailed handle and frame speeds together with a range of numerical speed and timing metrics every stroke. You can also record your session and upload it for closer analysis in the Quiske web portal. After every recorded session the App gives a summary screen showing the overall technique in all five areas together with a total technique index and an inspirational quote:

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    Record your session and get a summary of your technique when you're finished. The Quiske Overall Technique Score runs between 20-100 and is an average of your performance taking into account each and every one of your strokes.

    What kind of rowing is the Virtual Coach looking for?

    See this sample here:

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    Download the Quiske App

    the Virtual Coach checks your every stroke

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    Quiske App on Android