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    Rowing Chat interview with Rebecca Caroe

    Run-through of the features and coaching benefits of Quiske


    0:00 Introductions and background in rowing
    4:45 What is Quiske? a pod sensor and app that works on oars, seats and ergs
    7:00 Why is indoor rowing a good use?
    11:00 What metrics does Quiske track? - focus tile of maximising the legs and rhythm
    14:00 Technical view and data explained including the seat stopped metric
    19:00 Do you provide instant feedback on rowing technique?
    25:00 Coach Neil Bergenroth's remarks about technique entropy
    27:00 In teh boat the oar angle "flight path" and seat, leg drive and recovery time are all tracked
    30:00 Data storage and recording sampling at 100 Hz
    32:00 The Hang and Bang technique
    35:00 Using the app to compare technique between rowers
    38:00 For on water rowers Quiske recommend dynamic ergs - Water Rower, OarTech. There are separate algorithm parameters for different rowing machines.
    44:00 Oar angles in the boat
    46:00 Virtual coach as 3 levels - easy, moderate and challenging. The rower's score is from 40 - 100
    50:00 Who should use the app?


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