• Tutorial

    It's easy to measure rowing technique with Quiske



    Attach it so it doesn't wiggle. Open the Quiske Rowing App and connect to the Pod.



    Place it on the oar, seat or frame. Make sure the position is correct.



    Press "start" (or "flashback") to record data and enjoy the instant feedback


    After rowing

    Exit the app to disconnect the pod and upload the data for analysis

  • Setup is easy

    Here's how to install Quiske (phone + pod) to your erg or boat.

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    The Phone goes on the Erg Handle

    Concept2, RP3, Waterrower or in fact any erg

    Attach the phone to the erg handle using a suitable holder keeping the phone rigidly in landscape position. A good holder is available in our shop.

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    The Pod on the Static Erg

    Concept2 or other static ergs: Pod on the seat

    You can use the ProW seat or alternatively tape the pod to the side of the seat. Just make sure the thinner part of the pod (the blade on the sticker) points forwards toward the foot stretcher.

    Check this video for good technique and sample graphs.

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    The Pod on the RP3 or Dynamic

    On dynamic the pod does not go on the seat but on the frame!

    Attach the phone to the handle firmly in landscape and the pod to the frame with the thinner part of the pod (the sticker blade) pointing towards the rower.

    Check this video for the kind of rowing the Virtual Coach promotes on the RP3.

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    The Phone in the Boat

    Place the phone close to the foot stretcher where you can see the instant feedback

    Use a splash proof phone so you don't need to worry about measuring technique in rough waters.

    You can attach the phone using e.g. DualLock tape directly to the hull of the boat or to an existing Speedcoach holder or similar.

    Mount the phone rigidly and in landscape position with the back of the phone toward the stern.

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    Alternative phone holders

    Lots of alternatives

    You need to make sure that the phone is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the boat but you may tilt the phone in the bow-stern direction to improve visibility.

    Good phone holders are provided e.g. by quadlock.

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    The Pod on the Oar

    Strap it on but make sure it points the right way!

    Place the pod on the side where the blade is convex, i.e. on the same side as the back of the blade. Make sure the pod lies flat on the oar shaft (there should be no tilting).

    The Quiske logo blade should always point toward the rower (so when moving the pod from port to bow side oar you need to flip the pod). During the drive the pod should be on the rower's side pointing towards the boat bow.

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    The Pod on the Boat Seat

    The ProW seatpad by Citius Remex is perfect for holding the pod, just make sure the Quiske logo blade points towards the foot stretcher.

    Alternatively the pod can be placed underneath or on the side of the seat, only make sure the blade points towards the stern.

  • Q & A

    Q: How often do I need to charge the Quiske Pod?

    A: In normal use it’s enough to charge it once a month. In active use bi-weekly.



    Q: How can I check the Pod charging level?

    A: After connecting the Pod to the Quiske Rowing app you will see the charging level and even more info. We recommend to have at least 70% charging level before starting.



    Q: How long do I need to charge it?

    A: Even 10 minutes is enough to get it close 90%. However, we recommend charging it 1-2 hours monthly to get it fully charged.



    Q: Quiske Rowing App cannot find my Pod?

    A: Most propably the Pod is out of power and needs to be re-charged.



    Q: I can connect to my Pod, but it goes directly to steady blue light state and does not send any data or show any graphs?

    A: Most probably the issue is in the phone's Bluetooth stack. Please, restart you phone (power off -> power on).



    Q: I have restarted my phone and the Pod is fully charged but it still does not work properly. What next?

    A: After connecting to the Pod with Quiske Rowing App you can select the Reset function under Info. This resets the Pod. You need to rename the Pod after reset, too.